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Build It Your Way: 1968 Dodge Charger

The first generation (1966-67) of the sporty Dodge Charger wasn’t a huge seller. But when Chrysler’s B-body cars were redesigned in 1968, Charger sales would multiply by a margin of 6 to 1 from 1967. The hideaway headlights and tunnel back roofline proved to be a hit with buyers, including the person who bought this somewhat basic Charger in ’68. A restoration was the seller’s goal as it’s photographed in several stages of disassembly. But a nicer example has come along so this Mopar has to go. Located in Meridian, Idaho, this somewhat complete roller is available here on eBay where $12,400 has yet to crack the seller’s reserve.

Dodge would produce more than 92,500 Chargers in 1968, a number that wouldn’t be bested until 1973. While a handful of them would leave the factory with an inline-6, the venerable 318 cubic inch V8 was practically standard equipment. That’s how this one was built (per the seller and its VIN), but only the original block and the TorqueFlite transmission may have survived (not pictured). Given the current condition of the auto, you’d probably be better served by upgrading its power rather than fixing up a 318 car.

Back in the day, this Dodge was finished in Electric Blue paint with a white vinyl top and interior. Though thoroughly baked, rust is at a minimum but present in the trunk pan and the back filler panel. The passenger side rear quarter panel was previously repaired and another run at it is probably advised. The seller is throwing in the front dollies so you can move the project around your own garage. The rear axle housing is missing, and the rear frame rail is bent but the seller is including a replacement for your use.

Though you don’t see them, the glass, seats, dashboard, and other important stuff are part of the sale, but like the rest of the car, almost everything is going to need some sort of restoration. The rear axle housing is missing but everything else comes with the car including all glass and trim pieces, seats, dash, etc. The front grille is there but it isn`t perfect. The right rear frame rail that runs under the back seat is bent but another is provided. If you like a good puzzle, putting this two-owner Dodge back in order might be right up your alley.


  1. Harvey Member

    Beauty, shouldn’t take much to get this going.

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  2. Mike Stephens Staff

    Gets my vote for rollers of the day and most creative front tire stopper!

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  3. mike

    All she needs is a lot of time and money

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  4. Jim

    $12,500 and it hasn’t met reserve? He may prove PT Barnum correct.

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  5. 8banger 8banger Member

    Definitely will put the credit card on the skillet.

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  6. David

    Over 13k for this was a deal breaker for me…til he threw in the front dollies. Now I can move it all around my garage when I need to get the mower out.

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  7. Not Again

    Not bad….a great investment!

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  8. ACZ

    Will the supply of clapped out Chargers never end?

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    • Not Again

      Sure will, when the last one is bringing 6 figures!

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  9. Bub

    “Though thoroughly baked, rust is at a minimum”. I am scheduled for cataract surgery this Friday. When is your day under the laser, Russ?

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  10. James Martin

    Silly the prices! Can’t believe 12000 and still haven’t meet the reserve. Are you fu$k8n kidding me. If it were mine I would feel guilt to sell it to someone for that! But running to the bank to make sure the check clears! Unbelievable!

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  11. Nova John

    Well, by the looks of the body, at least you can see what you are getting. It would be a lot worse if this was rattle can prepped with mystery grey all over the skin ; ) I have 3 summers of sweating on my car, bodywork phase wise, and cars like these give me even more incentive to keep on. My car has its challenges, but dried out and left by the side o’ the road isn’t one of them. The state of our hobby sure is fascinating, just by what is put up for sale and the “high hopes” sellers that push this stuff. Never a dull moment ……

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